Home Inspection App


The customer is a series of franchises that provide home inspections for home buyers/real estate agents. They wanted to create a mobile app for real estate agents to book home inspections quickly and easily on Apple and Android phones. This means bypassing the usual phone call to a call centre which takes upwards of twenty minutes.

realestate app realestate app


Preliminary research was done alongside the customer into what real estate agents would be looking for in terms of information, speed, and organization of home inspections. Real estate agents are busy and anything that saves time for them is a plus. Upon completion of the product we reduced booking time from twenty minutes or more to just five minutes.

Agents can view inspection openings, book via a single form, and keep track of their inspections through this app. A couple of pain points we addressed were that agents wanted to receive reminders for upcoming inspections and the ability to sync the calendar to their OS default calendar. Agents wanted to know for sure that they were completely free during times booked for inspections and wanted no chance of double booking themselves. Users also wanted the ability to stop using the form mid booking and save the results in order to complete the booking later on. This is something that would happen often in the call centre, and information would often get lost for bookings that were not complete.

realestate app realestate app